the science

surface care

PureSan chooses each ingredient with care. We strive for the safest and most effective ingredients knowing that the products have to perform in tough commercial environments.

facility care

PureSan is just that, pure, sanitary and hygienic cleaning solutions for all facilities. Our product line is designed to protect you in any situation, from the front door, to the restroom, operating room, recovery room, classroom, break room, we keep you safe.

skin care

Puresan chooses to stay away from certain industry standard ingredients that are known to be harmful to human health and the planet. By implementing smarter and more streamlined processes, we are able to remain more competitive.

Why go green

It is possible to have a safe, healthy, clean environment without contributing to environmental problems such as global warming, ozone layer depletion, aquatic toxicity or air pollution. Puresan's products aren't toxic to individuals or to our world.